TV Gourmet: Making the Steak-Tanic from ‘Happy Endings’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.08.11 24 Comments

In TV Gourmet’s past, we’ve made multiple meals at once, first this, then this, then the all-“Simpsons” one. This time, though, Nadia (who took the photos) and I are focusing on a single dish: the STEAK-TANIC, mentioned during last week’s episode of “Happy Endings,” the best non-“Community” or “Parks and Recreation” comedy on a broadcast channel. (Sorry, “2 Broke Girls”!)

Steak-Tanic was created by Dave Rose (played by Zachary Knighton) to boost revenue for his steak sandwich truck, Steak Me Home Tonight, and on the following pages, you can see how to make it yourself. Be warned: things get a little graphic.

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