Two Very Famous Faces Showed Up In The Greatest ‘Greatest Event In Television History’ Yet

Why was last night’s Greatest Event in Television History the greatest Greatest Event in Television History? Three reasons: a) Adam Scott and Paul Rudd dressed up as Bosom Buddies, obviously. b) According to Scott in an interview with Vulture, “We had a lot less time to make it. We were essentially out of money, so the fact that we even finished was the greatest event in television history.” And c) two very, very famous* people, who probably thought Adult Swim was some kind of swampy porno before now, showed up to help out, for pennies on the dollar. They were literally paid pennies, which is ALMOST enough money to buy season one of Bosom Buddies on DVD.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say those two attractive ladies are actually…the cast of Work It.

*Peter Scolari is just VERY, not VERY, VERY, famous.