Tyra Banks Channeled Her ‘Business Hero’ Richard Branson For Her Halloween Costume

Life-Size star/petroleum jelly enthusiast Tyra Banks would like you to know who her business idol is and she’s got the facial hair to prove it. Say hello to the great Banks + Branson looks merger of Halloween 2015.

Tyra proudly morphed herself into Virgin mogul Richard Branson as her Halloween alter-ego complete with an exciting wig and faux goatee combo. It’s a route that may or may not be cheaper than just flying around the city in a hot air balloon screaming “LOOK AT BRANSON!” at the people below. Her depiction of the Rebel Billionaire (NEVER FORGET) isn’t quite as pale as her 2013 September supermodel looks if that’s something you have an opinion about.

Here’s Tyra undergoing the transformation. “Some look up to their heroes. I become mine. Guess who!” writes the “Shake Ya Body” recording artist in the accompanying caption.


Let’s move on to a picture where it looks like Tyra was bit by a WereBranson and is very comfortable with the results.


The whole Banks as Branson ensemble popped up on Friday’s edition of the “yes, it’s a show” syndicated TV offering FABLife. As anyone that’s ever encountered Top Model for even a fraction of a segment knows, this costume means you’re getting Comedy Tyra™. Bring on the “unique” impression and daffy accent!

Banksy Branson also engaged in a brief runway walk. No, you’re not having a stroke. That’s definitely Chrissy Teigen dolled up like Guy Fieri.

We live in very exciting times.


[h/t Gawker]