Uhh, Did Anyone Know That 57-Year-Old Steven Bauer Of ‘Ray Donovan’ Is Dating An 18-Year-Old Girl?

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Ray Donovan actor Steven Bauer (who is most famously known for playing Manny Ribera in Scarface) stepped out in public yesterday with his girlfriend Lyda Loudon, who is only 18 years old. This is news to me, but apparently the couple confirmed their relationship to Us Weekly back in July. Steven Bauer was also the dude who Melanie Griffith was married to for a short time between her bookend marriages to Don Johnson and the two have a 28-year-old son, Alexander Bauer, together. So I’m sure this isn’t creepy for him at all.

Unlike another certain young lady who started dating a 50-something actor as a teenager, Lyda Loudon’s mother actually is not poor white trash prostituting out her daughter, but an author and Fox News contributor, Gina Gentry Loudon.

Gentry Loudon wrote a long blog post earlier this summer about coming to terms with the fact that her daughter is dating a much older man, here are some excerpts:

My daughter’s choice has challenged me. In perspective, this was a choice regarding love. She did not choose to break the law, harm an innocent or betray our country. Several friends asked us to consider whether love really is a choice. Others beseeched us to embrace that she found a special love with a special, gentle man. These were defining questions.

We all grow and make decisions that we have to learn from on the journey of life. Lyda is still one of the smartest and strongest people I have ever known. I have no doubt that she will live and learn and come out better for all of this, ultimately. While so much has changed, the important things have not. Lyda is still our daughter and has always been my favorite person to laugh with and hang with. I am pretty sure she would tell you the same about me.

I never thought I’d see the day that I felt sorry for a blonde Fox News host, but damn — sucks to be you, lady. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it, otherwise Gina Gentry Loudon’s son-in-law will also be her senior.

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