Underrated Nickelodeon Shows That Should Be Given a Second Chance

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News broke last week (much to the chagrin and/or pleasure of ’90s kids) that Nickelodeon will be revitalizing – if you will – some of their most popular shows from the Snick At Night era and beyond. The series they’re eying in particular include cultural mainstays like The RugratsHey Arnold and (for the whippersnappers) Victorious.

It’s easy to wax nostalgic about those shows and the yesteryears of kid’s television –They were good. They were really damn good. And really, who doesn’t love to reminisce about Clarissa and that kid who climbed through her window on a ladder unannounced (stalk, much?) or the creepy campfire stories from Are You Afraid of the Dark (spoiler alert – I was)?

Among the plethora of awesome programming, however, there are a few Nick classics that sometimes get forgotten. While a talking dog might not be best for a gritty reboot, these less popular shows definitely have the gusto for a second chance.

So, Russell Hicks, Mr. President of Content and Development at Nick, for your consideration….

Salute Your Shorts

The pre-Wet Hot summer camp show with a little more appropriately aged cast, Salute Your Shorts, which aired from 1991-1992, took you to Camp Anawanna and all of its summer joys, fart jokes and young romance. The characters (who were actual kids – unlike the Disney Channel’s heavy reliance on 25-year-olds to play preteens) had names like Donkeylips and Sponge, prime humor for a pre-adolescent audience. This show is perfect for a reboot. Kids may grow up, but summer camp will always remain the same. Awful waffle!

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