Van Helsing Is A Woman In An Upcoming TV Series

While not unheard of, and becoming more common, it’s rare for a show to skip past the pilot stage and roll right into production. It’s even rarer when that show is something you’ve never heard of. But that’s the case with Van Helsing, a show we’ll apparently be seeing one way or the other.

The billboard above was spotted at MIPTV, which is essentially a big flea market for TV shows and their international rights.

If Dynamic Television sounds familiar, they’re the people distributing Syfy’s notoriously campy Z Nation. But this series, which appears to have a premiere date and what looks like thirteen episodes in the can already, is out of nowhere. It’s not on IMDb, it’s not clear who will be showing it in the U.S., and this billboard is essentially the first announcement that it exists. That’s odd on a number of levels; TV shows usually need a pilot to get funding, and straight-to-series orders are largely reserved for surefire hits. If I had to guess, I’m assuming this will either turn up as an original streaming series on some service or another, or show up on Syfy.

As for what it’s about, it looks like a Resident Evil knockoff, so that’s what I’m rolling with. I’d complain, except I’ll watch anything that involves beheading vampires with a sword. As for where I’ll watch it, I guess we’ll find out September 2016.

(Via Film Divider)