Vanessa Bayer Makes A Surprise Return To ‘SNL’ To Reprise Her Role As A Confusing Weather Lady

For over seven years, Vanessa Bayer was one of the most delightful castmembers on Saturday Night Live. She’s been awkward, she’s been downright hilarious, and she’s been horrified as she asks: “what happened to my hungry guys?!” She also made some NBC executives pretty stressed out with some of her Weekend Update appearances.

But now she’s back after leaving the show last season, and it’s in a familiar role. Her character of the Confusing Weather Lady has made quite a few appearances before, and her return was a marble-mouthed surprise to most viewers.

There are talks of “major cold kahunas yeah,” as well as some other, indecipherable chunks of phrase emanating from her lips, but they’re impossible to translate, so its best to just move onto the next weather breakdown as Michael Che looks on, astonished.

It may have been brief, and possibly mostly improvised, but at least we got to enjoy Vanessa Bayer once again, if only for a single sketch.

When Bayer left, she was the longest-running female cast member at the time, and her ability to morph from a strange little girl to a vicious weirdo is something that’s appreciated by everyone. She’s also really good at smiling really, really, hard.