‘The Venture Bros.’ Season Six Trailer Is Finally Here

Since 2011, there have only been 11 new episodes (including three specials) of The Venture Bros. That is unacceptable. The Adult Swim animated series is as funny as anything on television, and a nice addition to Hulu, along with the equally fantastic Rick and Morty and Adventure Time. Thankfully, the unbearable wait is nearly over, because The Venture Bros. will return in early 2016 and Jackson Publick can’t take it back; there’s already a trailer.

The action takes place after the events of “All This and Gargantua-2,” which, spoiler (although you probably don’t remember because it aired nine months ago), ended with the Venture Compound going up in flames. There are dinosaur robots, and Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and the Monarch talking about having sex, and Nathan Fillion returning as Brown Widow, who craps his pants with spider webs. Like the trailer says, good things come to those who … … wait,” and there are few things in life better than new Venture Bros.

Even if we have to wait another nine years for season seven.