Victoria Jackson Has Lost In Her Crazypants Bid To Be Elected To Local Office In Tennessee

Victoria Jackson, whose gradual move into crazytown (and not the comparably fun, rap-metal one) I wrote about at length last Friday, has sadly lost her bid for a spot on the Williamson County Commissioner board. She had just announced her campaign back in February.

The Tennessean writes:

Jackson received 632 votes, losing out to Judy Lynch Herbert, with 1,422 votes, and Betsy Hester, with 1,380 votes. There were also nine write-in votes. The County Commission has 12 districts with two commissioners in each district.

Hester is a District 2 incumbent. Herbert had been a District 3 commission, but because of the new district map, is now in District 2.

Can you believe she lost to two broads who have never even met Lorne Michaels or smelled Dennis Miller’s farts? What’s the world coming to when F-list celebrity can’t even dethrone a couple of uppity backwoods county commissioners. Well for what it’s worth Victoria, I would have voted for you. Well, not for the commissioner of where I live because you’re f*cking crazy, but if I could have somehow voted in the Williamson County Commissioner primaries, you would have totally gotten my vote.

Oh well. We’ll always have you, Victoria Jackson’s crazy campaign video: