Billy Eichner Brought ‘Billy On The Street’ To Red Nose Day And Found Out Nobody Remembers Martin Short

Billy Eichner is back with another installment of Billy on the Street. He and Martin Short played the “game” of gathering dollars for Red Nose Day on NBC. After a great deal of effort, the duo raised a whole $22 to aid poverty-stricken children.

Eichner spent much of the video explaining that Martin Short is the guy from three episodes of Weeds to the apparently clueless people they met on the street. A few people recognized the shouting madman with the microphone, but Short didn’t fare as well. Out of eight women, only one of them recognized Short. Four women had never heard of him, and three women refused to answer. Short wasn’t amused with one woman’s lack of faith: “She smiled, and a big hunk of makeup came off.” A bit hostile, Ned Nederlander.

(Via NBC)

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