Vince Gilligan Thinks ‘The X-Files’ Will ‘Live Forever’ And Wants To Be A Part Of The Revival

"The X-Files" Series Finale Wrap Party
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There are two things guaranteed to send UPROXX readers into a joyous frenzy — Vince Gilligan’s name, and The X-FilesBreaking Bad is over, but Better Call Saul is keeping Gilligan busy at AMC. Meanwhile, FOX last month announced early plans for a limited event series revival of The X-Files. Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have expressed interest in returning, but what about writer and producer Gilligan?

According to an interview with The X-Files Lexicon, Gilligan is excited about the network’s plans to bring back back the show — albeit for a brief return. If he can, Gilligan might even participate:

I would love to be involved. I don’t know with my current schedule, if I necessarily could be involved, but I got to tell you. I hope that is the case, and it works out that there more X-Files in the offing because even if I weren’t involved, I can tell you as a fan, I’d be right there with my Dr. Pepper and my big bowl of popcorn, and the lights dimmed down low. I think The X-Files is going to live forever. I think it’s a wonderful show, I am more proud that I can even express that I was a part of it, that I was a fan before I was ever a part of it, and I knew it was something special before I was ever involved in it.

In addition to his spin-off series at AMC, Gilligan is also busy producing Battle Creek — his new show over at CBS with Josh Duhamel and the guy from all those Allstate “Mayhem” commercials. Despite the busy schedule, he’s happy for the return of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully:

The thought that there could be more episodes of The X-Files is very exciting to me indeed. Absolutely if I knew I could do it, I would love to be a part of it, but even if I am not, you can know for a fact that I’ll be watching every episode and rooting them on, and being very much the fan boy that I started, in regards to The X-Files.

Gilligan first joined the show in 1995 as a writer. He eventually went on to write and co-write over 30 episodes, as well as produce. One of his best contributions to the series was the episode “Pusher”.

Also, how brilliant were the original FOX television spots for the following week’s episodes? Cue the nostalgia rush in 5…4…3…

(Via AV Club and The X-Files Lexicon)