Vince Vaughn Is Reportedly In Talks To Take A Lead Role In ‘True Detective’ Season Two

These crazy True Detective casting rumors aren’t showing signs of letting up anytime soon, and now in addition to Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch supposedly engaged in super serious talks to play two out of the four leads (after Christian Bale allegedly took a pass) — TV Line is reporting that Vince Vaughn is in “preliminary talks” for one of the leads. Okay sure.

I’ll bite. Let’s examine the plausibility factor here. Theoretically, I could maybe see this. Vince Vaughn’s career is ripe for a comeback after he spent the better part of the past decade pursuing fruit that’s so low-hanging it already fell off the tree and started decomposing on the ground. But would Vince Vaughn even want to resurrect his career at this point? The dude seems too content sleepwalking through paycheck movie after paycheck movie and chowing down on pizza to even be bothered with the notion of actually having to act. But if for some reason he did get his crap together, seeing Vince Vaughn in a really dark role that isn’t that 1998 Psycho remake might be kinda cool.

Maybe while they’re add it, they can find something for his old buddy Owen Wilson to do. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson co-starring in True Detective season two? Now there is baseless speculation at its finest. Have at it, internet.