Wait… Was The Hippie Commune On Last Night’s ‘Mad Men’ Don’s Childhood Home?

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It was! And it wasn’t! Kind of!

Let me explain: On last night’s Mad Men, Roger’s daughter ran off to a hippie farm to smoke pot and love freely. (Why she did this when she could have followed her father’s example and done all that from the comfort of a luxury Manhattan apartment, complete with electricity and all-hours food delivery, I will never understand. But I digress.) Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the house at the center of the commune looked awfully familiar, and there was a good reason for that, as it appears to be Don Draper’s childhood home from the Season 1 episode, “The Hobo Code.”


Well, nothing, probably. We know from following The Ballad of Don Draper that he — Dick Whitman, he — was born in Illinois to an abusive father and a young prostitute, and that he lived there until he zipped off to that Hershey whorehouse at age 10. Ergo, that house is in Illinois. The house from last night, on the other hand, was in upstate New York, which we were able to deduce because Marigold’s poor doof of a husband got locked up in Kingston for fighting rednecks in a bar after she wouldn’t come home. Fun fact: Kingston is like 20 minutes from Woodstock. Maybe 30 by rickety-ass truck. And the show is currently in 1969. So…



All of which is to say this: The most likely scenario is that they just reused the location, for whatever reason, and hoped no one would notice. I mean, it’s that, or those hippies bought the house in Illinois and then brought it halfway across the country on a flatbed truck because they liked its ambience. Either way it’s a huge disappointment. I was hoping Roger was going to stumble across the offspring of the horse that killed Don’s dad and mow them all down like Rambo to get revenge. Don could have driven there to join him. Just the two of them, drunk as can be, filling horses with bullets for the crimes of their father. Like you wouldn’t watch.

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