The Walking Lulz: All The Best Memes From This Week’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Contributing Writer

Welcome to another edition of The Walking Lulz, where we collect all the best The Walking Dead memes from each episode of the show into one place for your viewing pleasure. And according to you guys, the most compelling battle in this season so far was the all out war we just witnessed between Rick and Daryl. It had everything you could want: an element of surprise, the hint of betrayal, cathartic face punching, and a dynamite ending.

I guess we’ll see how funny them blowing up that truck full of amazing weapons is when we get to the end of this business with the Saviors, but right now it’s pretty amusing. In other battles, you’ve got the 1% inside the Sanctuary trying to keep the workers down, and Father Gabriel’s battle for Negan’s soul, which actually kind of worked! Who saw that coming? Meanwhile, Gregory just continues to Gregory. That guy can’t die soon enough.

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