The Negan And Lucille Origin Story From ‘The Walking Dead’ Has Been Fully Revealed

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Released in four-page installments over the course of 16 issues of The Walking Dead comics, the full 16 chapters of the backstory for Negan and Lucille from The Walking Dead have now been fully revealed. Here’s Negan, a compilation of all 16 chapters, will be released in October to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the comic. Meanwhile, Robert Kirkman has also suggested that at least portions of Negan’s backstory will eventually make it into the series, possibly as soon as the upcoming eighth season.

For those who want to see Negan’s backstory play out on the television show, or plan to purchase Here’s Negan when it’s released in October, skip out on the rest of this post, which will provide an overview of Negan’s backstory.



As we detailed here, before the outbreak, Negan is a high-school gym teacher who had a penchant for profanity and often bullied his students, much to the consternation of his wife, Lucille. Meanwhile, Lucille is diagnosed with cancer, and in order to cope with the pain of his wife dying, Negan has an affair. Lucille allows the affair to continue despite the hurt it causes her because she understands that it is a coping mechanism for Negan. However, Negan eventually confesses to the affair, ends it, and rededicates his life to his wife.

Lucille’s condition, however, quickly to deteriorates. Just as the zombie virus begins to spread, Lucille dies while Negan is at her bedside. Subsequently, Negan exits her wife’s hospital room, fends off a few infected and saves a boy’s life. In exchange, the boy agrees to put down Negan’s reanimated wife. Negan quickly bonds with the 13-year-old kid, but the boy is soon also killed by a walker.

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