Reaction GIFs From This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ That Are Perfect For All Occasions

At the rate we’re going, all humans under the age of 30 will be communicating exclusively via reaction GIFs by the year 2020. To help you get with the times, we’ve compiled some quick additions to your emotional vocabulary with these five reaction GIFs from The Walking Dead‘s latest episode, S05E13: “Forget.”

Reaction: WTF

Perfect for: When someone is acting like a paranoid, crazy person.

Reaction: Yeah Sure, Buddy

Perfect for: When someone offers to help you with something you’re already a f*cking superstar at.

Reaction: TIFU

Perfect for: Those moments where you screwed up something important, and nothing can fix it or make it better.

Reaction: Annoyance

Perfect for: When your friends won’t shut up about problems that don’t freaking matter. Like, at all. Seriously. Goddamn.

Reaction: Jealousy

Perfect for: When you plan on shooting your crush’s husband right in his stupid jerk face.