Not Everyone In The Real-Life Alexandria Is Thrilled To Have ‘The Walking Dead’ There

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The nice Albuquerque couple who owns the Whites’ house from Breaking Bad has a very simple request: Stop throwing pizzas on our roof, or Mike Ehrmantraut will “hunt you down.” The fine, hard-working folks of Senoia, Georgia (motto: “The perfect setting, for life”), have a similar request: Can you stop blowing up things so loudly in the middle of the night, The Walking Dead?

Senoia — population 3,307 as of 2010 — is known to millions of walker stalkers as Alexandria and Woodbury, where Rick Grimes & Co. currently live and Michonne and Andrea were taken by the Governor, respectively. Some residents are proud that their little town appears weekly on the biggest show on television, but just as many are fed up with big time Hollywood types.

[Fred] Morris, who lives just outside the wall, says he can’t escape the sounds of explosions during filming in the middle of the night. He even says producers once called the police on him when he tried to trim his trees during a scene.

“They come out of there saying I need to stop because they’re filming. I said, ‘Well, no, you just carry your happy butt right behind the wall, that’s where you do your stuff. This is my home,’” Morris says, recalling his reply. (Via)

Scott Tigchelaar provides a different perspective. “Even Andy Lincoln, who plays the star of the show,” he said, “I met him on my front porch steps one day and he said, ‘Thank you so much for letting us film here,’ and I’m like, ‘Thank you for filming here.’ But they’re that polite.” Senoia residents receive $400 per month from the show “for their inconvenience,” so it’s not all bad. Plus, the entire town smells like cookies. I fail to see a problem.

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