The 'What If Walter White Told Stupid Chemistry Jokes' Meme Is God's Gift To Lame Dads

Once you reach a certain age and have kids, certain jokes that once didn’t appeal to you suddenly begin to hit home. You find yourself making more “That’s what she said jokes.” Phil Dunphy on Modern Family begins to make more sense. When your five-year-old says, “Do you know what?” You respond, “No, I’ve never met him.” Your comedy baseline is lower, and you start to play to that audience, an audience that appreciate literal humor and bad puns. “Dad! That’s not fair!” “Well, son. The fair doesn’t come around until September.” Are you proud of it? No, of course you’re not. But you go for the easy laughs.

It’s why, when I saw the “What If Walter White Told Stupid Chemistry Jokes” Meme on on Reddit this morning, I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. Not in an ironic way, but in an appreciative way. I am not ashamed.

Source: luannyboyzz, who I salute.