Walton Goggins Will Go Full Sean Penn As A ‘Narcissistic’ Celebrity In ‘Keeping It Real’

In 2008’s Tropic Thunder, Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.) warns Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) against the dangers of delving too deep into his Simple Jack character. The actual warning, which I won’t repeat here, stressed that an actor should “never go [fully]” into a certain character’s defining traits, or the over-acting would ruin the performance. Yet sometimes the craft requires one to “go full ____,” and if national treasure Walton Goggins does precisely that with his upcoming Showtime comedy series, Keeping It Real, there’s a strong chance the Vice Principals star will earn all the things, forever and always.

Created by Oscar-winning The Big Short co-writer Charles Randolph, along with fellow Oscar winners and The Descendants co-writers Jim Rash and Nat Faxon, the new show sounds an awful lot like actor Sean Penn’s recent mishap with El Chapo in Rolling Stone.” According to Deadline:

Keeping It Real chronicles a narcissistic but well-intentioned movie star (Goggins) who travels to global hot spots and inserts himself into international incidents, only to create more chaos.”

In simpler terms, Goggins’ unnamed film star character will probably do things real-celebrities do despite unrelenting criticism. Like when Penn, after his fart-filled interview with the famous escaped drug smuggler, lamented the state of journalism. And you know what? That sounds utterly amazeballs.

Seriously. What if Goggins’ character were to create his own show-within-a-show about his disastrous exploits across the globe? And what if he thought Busted By [Insert Goggins’ Character’s Name Here] were a great idea for a title? PLEASE.

(Via Deadline)