‘WandaVision’ Finally Hints At The Devil’s True Identity In A Halloween-Themed Episode

(Spoilers from Marvel Studios and Disney+’s WandaVision will be found below.)

The first few weeks of WandaVision laid plenty of HYDRA-related easter eggs to remind everyone Wanda Maximoff’s traumatic past. We’ve since received confirmation that this past is precisely why Wanda has manipulated the reality of Westview to fashion a happy, sitcom-y world where everything is perfect, including Vision being alive. She’s apparently reanimated him into a Zombie-vision-popsicle, and the town’s residents are pushed into personalities that are not their own. We’re not sure if this includes Agnes, or whether she’s truly Agatha Harkness, a sorceress from the comics who helped Wanda come into her powers while training with HYDRA.

The biggest issue of this week’s episode, though, is whatever the hell is going on with Pietro. Much to Marvel fans’ delight, Kevin Feige used Wanda’s brother as the perfect reason to thread the MCU and Fox superhero universes together. As such, Aaron Taylor Johnson is no longer playing the Age of Ultron version of Pietro (RIP). Instead, the character has been “recast,” and we’ve got Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver/Peter in the X-Men movies.

This week, we learn that Pietro is… not exactly Pietro. He doesn’t seem like Peter either, although the title cards from this episode (which plays like a Malcolm in the Middle homage) try to tell us that nothing is amiss, and he’s definitely Pietro.

Marvel Studios/Disney+

Yeah, this ain’t Pietro. In fact, it kind-of feels like he’s secretly Mephisto (the MCU’s vision of the Devil), which throws a wrench into hopes that Agnes Husband is really Mephisto (and that he’ll be played by Al Pacino). Pietro is acting very strange, kind of cool-uncle-y, but also referred to as a “man child,” and at the end of the episode, his hair looks like devil-horns.


Fans on Twitter seem to agree that while Evan Peters is doing an amazing job at whomever he’s portraying, Pietro is definitely not himself, and he’s not Peter, even though he’s technically Quicksilvering all over the place. He appears to be pushing Wanda to go further with her powers to control the town, he’s digging for information, and at one point, he also goes zombie-like (perhaps a nod to Pietro being dead, or it this could be an even more sinister thing, pointing toward true evil… is he the Devil?).


Whatever the case, he means to shake sh*t up, and Wanda doesn’t appear to have any control over him at all. I’m rooting for him to be Mephisto, and here’s what people think.

One thing we do learn this episode, which is a marvelously Halloween-themed one, is that Wanda is becoming Scarlet Witch, with or without the help of Agatha.


This week didn’t provide many clues on Agnes and whether she’s able to pull strings on Wanda’s state of mind, as some suspected, but she did speak with Vision, who’s increasingly uncomfortable with what Wanda’s doing to the clearly-disturbed townspeople. Wanda then ended up sucking in part of reality into Westview. It was an emotional end to the episode, with Vision dying again and being brought back to life and sucked back into Westview, along with Darcy.

Beyond this, there’s still a real question of who the series’ villain shall be. Hayward is clearly up to no good, and I suspect from the way that he pushed back at Monica Rambeau, he’s a HYDRA guy. Scarlet Witch is now in play, and so is the multiverse, so the MCU is now hurtling towards Wanda in the next Doctor Strange movie. And don’t count out Agnes! She clearly wants to shake off Wanda’s control, and who knows what will emerge if/when she does so.

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