A Marvel Comics Legend Has Proposed A Happy Ending For Wanda And Vision On ‘WandaVision’

Last Friday’s episode of WandaVision had a Happy Endings homage, but will the series itself have a happy ending? Chances are not good (I say this as someone with little knowledge of the comics that inspired the show). WandaVision is about grief, and shows about grief rarely wrap up in a neat little package. (It’s actually a show about a magical witch who resurrects her dead android husband after a giant purple guy goes back in time to rip a stone out of his forehead, but you get the idea.) But Marvel Comics legend Chris Claremont, who’s responsible for both “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and “Days of Future Past” storylines (one movie adaptation is better than the other), pitched an ending for Wanda and Vision on his Facebook page, and it’s happier than you might expect.

“I am hooked on WandaVision. I like the stories, the characters, the works. Of course that means I’m (dang it) fully invested in the characters. And being of a ‘certain’ age, I’ve read all the history, not to mention written a part of it myself. Problem is, I really like Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen; heck, I even like Evan Peters, the ‘Pietro’ from another film franchise. I even like the kids! I *know* how the original story ends and I really want Kevin (Fiegy) and his idea crew to find a happier outcome,” he wrote (the “even” before “like Evan Peters” is killing me) before getting to his idea:

Why not let Vision and Wanda be the Marvel omniverse poster-parents, allowing Reed & Sue (of the FF) to chart a more exciting-adventurous-full of surprises course through Marvel Cinema History? Doesn’t mean they won’t be available for cameos; even better, it leaves their kids open to establish film-franchises of their own. C’mon, Hollywood guys-&-gals: I write core source material for your franchises; hell, the argument can be made that without the X-Men, yada-yada-yada! if *I* can figure out a happy ending, why not you?

Claremont added that the “last few years have been too damn screwed-up,” so it’s “time for y’all to come save the collective day. And for WandaVision to have a Happy Ending!” That’s one way of inserting the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is going to happen eventually. Maybe it will be on WandaVision. And who should get the credit for the MCU debut of Reed Richards and Sue Storm?

(Via ScreenRant and Facebook)