Wanna Hear Alex Trebek Read The Lyrics To ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ By Mötley Crüe?

Two preliminary notes:

  • Jeopardy! is in the midst of its annual Teachers’ Tournament
  • One of the categories last night was Hard Rockers, and all of the clues were lyrics to popular songs by famous rock groups

This brings us to the above video, in which Alex Trebek reads the lyrics to “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Mötley Crüe. It’s … it’s kind of incredible. He gives it the full Trebek on the delivery, laying it on extra thick for the last “Girls” in the chorus. I can’t stop watching it. It’s fascinating. Especially when you remember the Trebek profile from last year where we learned that he used to “tool around Hollywood in a Bentley convertible” back in his bachelor days. Imagine Alex Trebek cruising the Sunset Strip blasting Mötley Crüe. IMAGINE IT.

One other thing: That song he’s reciting the lyrics to here? The one with the chorus that stars with “Girls, Girls, Girls”? This is the first verse:

Friday night and I need a fight
My motorcycle and a switchblade knife
Handful of grease in my hair feels right
But what I need to make me tight are…

Please get me a video of Trebek reading this part, too. I will pay handsomely.

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