Washington Bridge Collapse Survivor Dan Sligh Is A Total Badass

05.24.13 17 Comments

Navy veteran Dan Sligh was driving across a bridge in Washington yesterday when a large chunk of it collapsed and sent his truck tumbling into the Skagit River. The fall caved in the roof of the vehicle and dislocated his shoulder. He couldn’t see his wife in the passenger seat, so he asked her if she was okay. She didn’t respond. So Dan Sligh popped his shoulder back into place as his truck was filling up with water, unbuckled himself and his wife, pulled her over to his side of the truck, wedged the door open, stepped out onto the truck’s rails, and made sure his wife stayed above water on the driver’s side while he called out to other submerged motorists to make sure they were safe. He then gave this interview to local news crews where he described the experience as a “rough day.”

I consider it a rough day when my DVR cuts off the last 30 seconds of Parks & Recreation. Dan Sligh is a badass.

(Via AP and KomoNews)

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