Watch Andy Richter Go ‘Paper Turkey Hunting’ On ‘Conan’ And Once Again Get The Last Laugh

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This is one of those Conan sketches that is either so dumb it is funny or it is genius beyond comprehension and you have no choice but praise it. Andy Richter features a paper turkey cut out on his podium, which draws some praise from Conan towards Andy’s kids. But kids had nothing to do with it. Andy hunted it and mounted it like any real man would.

What follows is something out of the Sesame Street version of Deliverance that shows Richter using a ton of construction paper to create some beer, a gun, a hack saw and plenty of other tools in order to bag him a wild paper turkey and foil the grim plot of two would be paper cannibals.

It’s the perfect hunting trip and whoever cut these different items out of construction paper or just came up with the idea should get a medal. Maybe one made from colored paper and covered in glitter.

And of course Andy always gets the last laugh, continuing his trend of always having the best comebacks in television next to Norm Macdonald.


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