Watch Beth From ‘The Walking Dead’ Adorably Sing With The Best Elementary School Chorus On The Planet

Did you guys know that Emily Kinney — who plays Beth on The Walking Dead — also has a singing career? She’s actually released two albums, and a few minutes on YouTube demonstrated that she has a hell of a nice singing voice (which some of us actually knew from the scene in The Walking Dead in which she sang to Daryl). Her and Lauren Cohen — who plays her sister, Maggie, on The Walking Dead — actually recorded a song together for The Walking Dead soundtrack. I don’t know how popular she is, but if you live in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, you can see her perform on April 23rd. Anyway, I think of all the performances of hers available on YouTube, the one below is my favorite.

Here she is singing “Masterpiece” with the PS22 Chorus, a Staten Island, NY elementary chorus comprised of 50-60 fifth graders described by New York Magazine as “the best-known elementary-school chorus on the planet.”

It’s really good, and Kinney is adorable.

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