Watch Chris Pratt Give An ‘MTV Cribs’-Style Tour Of His ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Spaceship

Check the Milano, yo!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is crushing the box office competition so they don’t really need to roll out any new promos on the press tour, but you won’t see me complaining about this latest video clip. Why? Because it’s a throwback to two of my favorite things: Alyssa Milano and MTV Cribs.

Chris Pratt, the man the internet is now calling the next Jennifer Lawrence, took some time from his crazy schedule of saving the world and braiding the hair of young female interns to give what may be the best Cribs-style tour of an inter-galactic spaceship we’ve ever seen. (It’s also the only Cribs-style tour of an intergalactic spaceship we’ve ever seen, but that’s not the point.)

In the roughly minute-long clip, Pratt navigates The Milano, Star-Lord’s beloved spacecraft that was named after Peter Quill’s ’80s childhood crush, Alyssa Milano. From getting to see “where the magic happens,” a.k.a. Quill’s bunk to taking a turn around the flight deck complete with retro background music, this is arguably the most banging Cribs tour ever — sorry 50 Cent.

Via Vulture