Watch Conan O’Brien Perform ‘The Monorail Song’ Live At ‘The Simpsons’ Hollywood Bowl Show

The cast and crew of The Simpsons debuted their big fancy live show last night, “The Simpsons Take the Bowl,” at the Hollywood Bowl in California. We’ve discussed the show a bit here before, and if reactions from the audience on Twitter were any indication (seriously, take a stroll through the #SimpsonsTakeTheBowl hashtag on Twitter, which is full of images and video and mind-bending tweets like this one), it lived up to even our loftiest expectations. I’m so jealous of the audience that I could scream. I might still scream. Haven’t ruled it out.

Luckily, one generous soul uploaded the most anticipated moment of the show to YouTube so we can all enjoy it. That highlight: Conan O’Brien, in full Lyle Lanley gear, performing “The Monorail Song” from the “Marge vs. The Monorail” episode of the show that he wrote over 20 years ago. After a brief opening in which he discusses the legacy of the episode and pays tribute to the original Lyle Lanley, Phil Hartman, he gives a lively, dance-y performance backed by the Los Angeles Gay Mens’ Choir, who also apparently performed “Spiderpig” during the festivities. (Yup, definitely gonna scream.) It’s as wonderful as you’re imagining. Enjoy.