Watch Daryl Make Out With Michonne On The Set Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Nobody is more excited than Norman Reedus to return to the set of The Walking Dead, especially after sneaking up on Michonne and making out with her in this The Walking Dead featurette hosted by Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the show.

“You excited to be back, Norman?” Cudlitz asks after Reedus kisses Danai Gurira. “Now I am,” Reedus responded.

I don’t think Richonne fans are going to be happy about this.

Michael Cudlitz got in on the action, as well, kissing Gurira on the cheek before signing off.

“Now you’ve been kissed by Norman Reedus and Mike Cudlitz.”

“What a day! I love my job,” Gurira noted.

The video offers no new details on the sixth season, but it certainly does remind us of how close the actors on The Walking Dead are to each other. This is why no one wants to be killed off; it’s like losing a family member. Plus, you lose the opportunity to make out with Norman Reedus.