Watch This Intense, Brutal ‘Don’t Text And Drive’ Ad And Then Show It To Every Dumbass Teenager You Know

Although on occasion, a dumbass who texts and drives only rolls his car over and makes for an awesomely hilarious viral video, the consequences can be much more grave, as the ad from The Tombras Group for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration above demonstrates. It’s the best entry, so far, in the US market for the Don’t Text and Drive campaign, and a needed reminder that you’re 23 times more likely to crash if you’re texting. The ad is aimed at teens — 70 percent of whom admit having texted while driving — and though it is effective, it is admittedly not as brutal as the Australian ad below, which is far more graphic, involves a lot more blood and head jostling/banging, and focuses as much on the bloody carnage after the crash as it does on the crash itself. Go ahead watch it too, and think about the blood-smeared woman with the f**ked up neck being pulled out of her car using the jaws of life as her friend lies dead in the backseat the next time you feel compelled to text and drive. I wouldn’t want you crashing into my car and hurting my kids because you couldn’t wait to respond to your buddy’s text about how much your football team sucks.

Source: Adfreak