Jon Stewart Came THIS Close To Getting Hillary Clinton To Admit She’s Running For President

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07.16.14 62 Comments

Comedy Central

Hillary Clinton is running for president. I know it, you know it — and, to borrow from The Kids in the Halldogs know it. The first clue might be that she literally has a website called which she poses the question of whether or not you’re “ready” to pledge to support Hillary for President, not to mention a tour bus with the same messaging. But because candidates can only officially be running for president after they say the words “I am running for president,” like something out of a magical fairy tale story — Hillary Clinton is technically still not running for president.

So on last night’s Daily Show, in which the former First Lady and Secretary of State came on to promote her new book, Hard Choices — Jon Stewart did everything in his power to get her to admit that she was running, including giving her a career aptitude test. In discussing her book, he says:

It’s an incredibly complex and well reasoned eye witness view to the history of those four years, and I think I speak for everybody when I say, no one cares, they just want to know if you’re running for president.

Seriously. CHRIST LADY, JUST F’ING ADMIT IT ALREADY. I think real life politics are more like Veep than we’ll ever really know.

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