Watch Jonah Hill Recount The Time Joe Pesci Stuck His Fingers Up Hill’s Ass

01.24.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

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Jonah Hill, who is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his SNL appearance. During their conversation, Hill talked about the character he played in TWoWS, about what a great guy Rob Reiner is, and how Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio turned to Reiner after the Sandy Hook shootings. He also told one hell of a fabulous story about a conversation he had with Joe Pesci at the Wolf of Wall Street premiere that began with Pesci advising Hill to take a helmet to bed with him every night and ended with Pesci sticking his fingers up Hill’s ass.

The Pesci story starts at the 3:20 mark, and it is … cool. And strange. And very Pesci-like.

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