These Lemurs Found An Ingenious Method For Getting High, But You Won’t Want To Replicate It

BBC One happened upon something hilarious in the natural world while they were filming this week’s Spy In The Wild episode titled “Mischief.” And mischief is indeed what these conniving little lemurs are up to, getting high as hell off millipede secretions. The first lemur to figure that one out was a freeeak.

Here’s the mad method these cunning primates utilize to get their kicks. As seen in the video above, they’ll pick up a toxic millipede then cautiously bite it hard enough to make it secrete defensive liquid. It’s a dangerous cocktail of chemicals which may include cyanide. But it also makes the lemurs salivate wildly and become intoxicated as they rub the millipede and their own saliva all over their fur. The mixture serves as a sly substitute for insect repellent.

It also gets them hilariously stoned. Look at this cheeky wee bastard:

Lemur, go home. You’re drunk.

We can’t recommend violently agitating a huge, creepy millipede (eww) then lapping up its secretions (double eww). You’ll just have to rely on more conventional means of having fun.

Previous episodes of Spy In The Wild have also provided much amusement, with their spy cam videos of cute otters and the discovery of a wild orangutan who taught herself how to saw wood, then immediately gets competitive when a robotic orangutan shows up with a saw of its own.

(Via BBC One)