Watch The Hilarious Ad For ‘Finger Blasters,’ The Fun New Dipping Snack For Teens

I understand that most of you have an enormous amount of television on your plate already, but if you can, try and fit in an extra 22 minutes each week for Inside Amy Schumer, the filthiest sketch comedy show on television. It took me a bit to warm up to her, but after this last week’s hilarious episode, I completely understand why she was even being mentioned as a potential replacement for David Letterman (she would make no sense, and network television would completely neuter her comedy, but I definitely get the appeal). The above ad introduced this week’s show, which had zero bad sketches this week, damn near unheard of for sketch comedy  (and there was even a sketch in it with Zach Braff that might have made Zach Braff haters hate him slightly less).

Anyway, the ad for Finger Blasters is much exactly what you think: It’s a fun new dipping snack for teens ready for more serious snacking. Have one finger, or two! Or if you comfortable enough, try a three finger blast!