Watch The Trailer For ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ The New Comedy From The Creators Of ‘Parks & Rec’

Here is the official trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the new cop comedy that was created by Parks & Rec executive producers Mike Schur and Dan Goor, and stars SNL alum Andy Samberg, but ended up on Fox instead of NBC after a bidding war because NBC is the network television equivalent of this GIF right now. The premise is pretty straightforward: Samberg is a talented, goofball detective who works at a precinct full of weirdos that has just gotten a new by-the-book boss (played by Andre Braugher). As someone who loves (a) everyone involved in this show, and (b) cop shows that star loose cannon detectives who play by their own rules but GET RESULTS, DAMMIT, I am extremely excited about this one.

NOTE: I have seen a few complaints about this trailer looking “too broad.” Allow me to make one small point: It is a trailer. They are trying to draw in as many eyes as possible. Once those eyes are focused on the show, then they can begin the process of developing the characters and building a relationship with audience. And this show was created by people who are really good at developing characters, so I think they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt here. I mean, a short, 30 second clip of a guy you don’t know making icky faces while trying to eat a banana might seem kinda broad and low-brow to you. But a short, 30 second clip of Ron Swanson making icky faces while trying to eat a banana, given all we’ve learned about him over five seasons? Hilarious.

Context, people. Context.

(via Pop Culture Brain)