Watch Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Completely Ruin Jimmy Fallon’s Game Of ‘Catchphrase’

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
has a new show with Jack McBrayer coming to Adult Swim. It premieres on February 20th, but the duo stopped by The Tonight Show tonight to promote it a bit and ended up roped into a game of Catchphrase with Colin Firth.

What transpired is a television mess that proves to me that Triumph was sent as a spy by forces at Team Coco in order to get revenge against NBC (allegedly, dammit). Colin Firth doesn’t look amused at all, McBrayer seems trapped in a perpetual state of kindness, and Triumph is determined to make fun of Jimmy Fallon at every turn.

The problem is that Triumph is not a fit for a fast paced game on a tightly segmented late night program. He’s out of his element. His long, mutant arm is a hindrance here and ruins his team’s chances of winning. Luckily none of that matters since the game is bullsh*t and winning nets you nothing but “pride.” A fool’s contest.

(Via The Tonight Show)