Watch A Woman Reenact The 3-Hour Orgasm That Sent Her To The Emergency Room

TLC — formerly The Learning Channel, and currently the television equivalent of a sideshow circus act, a channel devoted almost entirely to exploiting America’s freak shows — has a show airing now called Sex Sent Me to the ER, which is pretty much what you imagine. It has featured a 440-pound man who put his 110-pound girlfriend’s head through a wall and a story about a man who broke his penis while having sex with his wife and girlfriend (and the subsequent argument between the two in the ER). It’s a delightful show that presents the best in humanity, that demonstrates the strength of the indomitable human spirit and modern medicine over adversity, and — of course — features a woman re-enacting a three-hour orgasm.

Watch the Emmy-worthy acting here on display:

I can’t really identify my favorite part of this clip. Maybe it’s the fact that the woman thinks jumping up and down will end her orgasm, or that drinking wine will do the trick, or maybe it’s the husband’s self-satisfied grin, because he thinks he had something to do with the prolonged orgasm. Nope, that’s not it: My favorite part is the old lady who suggested to the husband that he’d remember the day for the rest of his life, which is exactly, I’m sure, what happened on the day in question. I also appreciate what a great job TLC did in finding terrible actors who had a likeness to the actual couple.

Oh, TLC: Never stop being you.