We Finally Know What Happened To Huell After The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

There are many great unexplained mysteries in the universe. What is the meaning of human life? What does the Voynich Manuscript say? Why hasn’t anyone made a movie titled The Hunt for Rad October about a bitchin’ skateboarder named October Shreddz who gets kidnapped right before the X Games and has to be rescued by the other members of his team in time for the half pipe competition? And so on.

One mystery we can cross off the list, however, is what exactly happened to Huell from Breaking Bad. From an interview with Vince Gilligan in the recently released official Breaking Bad book:

Is Huell still waiting for someone to come back for him?

Yes, sadly he’s waiting morosely on that sofa, looking like a lost puppy… [Laughs] No. It’s likely that Agent Van Oster keeps in touch with DEA headquarters. So when he learns Gomez and Hank have gone missing, he would in short order tell his superiors what they were up to. Within a matter of hours, really not that many in story time, Huell will be taken back to HQ. They’ll question him, find out what he knows — which isn’t much — and he’ll be let out on the street. Right now, he’s doing what Huell does best, whatever that is. He’s out and about as a free man.

Good for Huell. Let’s all just pretend he and Jesse opened a bakery in Portland or something. That would be nice.

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