Weather Update: Here Is The Iron Throne From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Made Out Of Snow

Yup, there it is, as advertised. The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones made out of snow and icicles. I mean, it’s no giant toilet that was made out of snow by a dude who told the news “I looked outside and saw the crappy weather and figured it was kind of a pun,” but it’s definitely something. I applaud the initiative. If we’re all going to be buried in snow from now until mid-March, we might as well make the best of it. Let’s get weird, I say. Someone make a Khaleesi snowman with a working fire-breathing dragon. Or an angry Drogo menacingly holding two knives. Or the entire Red Wedding with globs of ketchup dripping from everyone. Lord knows we’ve got enough snow. Let your creative juices spray all over this current winter wonderland. Go nuts.

As for me, I’ll just stay inside where it’s warm and wait for you to post the pictures online, so I can put them on this very website. It’s a team effort.

Source: r/GameOfThrones