'Wedding Band' Explains Why Sci-Fi Shows Have Cop-Out Endings Via Megan Fox Sex Scene

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11.19.12 2 Comments

Three years later, and people are still pissed about the way Battlestar Galactica ended. In a scene from Friday’s episode of Wedding Band, the Notorious Brian Austin Green is sexing his real-life wife Megan Fox, who was apparently guest starring as a sexy warrior princess actress on some nerd show, when she shouts out, “THERE’S A CYLON AND 1960S FOLK SONG IN ALL OF US,” basically. Says io9:

In a nutshell, over the course of the episode you learn that the characters on Nebutopia have been searching for a secret utopia. And Fox’s character has a map on her inner thigh which is supposed to show the way…Except that during her torrid sex with Brian Austin Green, Fox [says] the ending of the show will be a huge metaphor for how we never really find what we’re searching for. Cue a rant by Green about how all of these science fiction shows paint themselves into a black hole, and invent these terrible cop-out endings, because the producers can’t figure out how to end the thing. (Via)

Mighty deep critique from a TBS comedy with WALTTTTTT’s dad and Megan Fox, and that’s the first time Fox has been described as “deep” without this other word ever. That word: respect. Yup, she likes that respect deep inside her. Watch the clip below, but seriously, BSG‘s ending was crap.

Watch the rest here.

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