Weekend Preview: Katy Perry, Horses, And Incest Consequences

12.09.11 23 Comments

Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday) – From Access Hollywood: “‘There were a lot of [skit] pitches about my boobs,’ Katy told Access Hollywood on Thursday. ‘I was cool about that, but I’m not sure all of it [got] in. So we’ll see.'” Wait. I know she’s married to Russell Brand… but who’s the other boob she’s talking about? BAZINGA! [finger guns]

Luck (HBO, Sunday) – HBO’s horse racing drama by David Milch (“Deadwood”) and Michael Mann (“Miami Vice,” Heat) debuts on Sunday night with a sneak peek weeks before it’s actual start. I would have put this up top, but I really didn’t want a giant picture of Dustin Hoffman at the top of the page all weekend. But it does look promising.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO, Sunday) – After last week’s Full Oedipus, I’m not sure exactly where else there is to go. Poison someone with hemlock? BAZINGA AGAIN! [Greek finger guns]

Boss (Starz, Friday) – The season finale of the Kelsey Grammer political drama. This show is really fun if you close your eyes and imagine Sideshow Bob never got run out of office for voter fraud.

Snowmageddon (Syfy, Saturday) – When we had that “Snowmageddon” thing in real life a couple years ago, I guaranteed that it would become both a band name and a movie within five years. I’m well on my way to rubbing THAT in some people’s stupid faces.

The Simpsons (FOX, Sunday) – The show’s Christmas episode flashes forward to 2041, when “The Simpsons” is still on the air, I imagine.

The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday) – I interned and/or hung around at a couple law firms, and no one drank as much midday scotch as they do on this show, or other lawyer shows. I was lied to. I demand a full refund of my legal education.

Dexter/Homeland (Showtime, Sunday) – I was actually upset when I heard “Homeland” was really good, because it means there’s now another show I have to start watching or get yelled at about. I’M DOING ALL I CAN AND BY “ALL I CAN” I MEAN WATCHING KIND OF A LOT OF THE FOOD CHANNEL GEEZ.

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