Weekend Preview: Rob Lowe Is Still Untouchable, Bitch

01.20.12 10 Comments

Drew Peterson: Untouchable (Lifetime, Saturday) – I’ll be honest, I completely forgot this was a thing. Then I saw it in the listings and I went back and watched the video clip of a blonde, mustachioed Rob Lowe saying “I’m untouchable, bitch” another dozen times, and now I’m delighted all over again. That said, there is no chance I watch this movie.

Downton Abbey (PBS, Sunday) – I’m still in the process of getting caught up on this show. As I said on my Tumblr, the first episode of Season 1 is all about the deaths of the heirs to a prestigious British title, and the introduction of the mysterious outsider who is next in line. I liked it better when it was called King Ralph.

The Life and Times of Tim/On Freddie Roach (HBO, Friday) – Pairing a super-indie animated comedy with a reality show about legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach and his battle with Parkinson’s might be the weirdest scheduling decision I’ve ever seen. Stay bonkers, HBO.

Portlandia/The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (IFC, Friday) – COMEDY NERDS UNITE!

FOOTBALL (CBS, FOX) – The conference championship games are on Sunday afternoon. What the hell am I supposed to do with my time when football’s over again? Twiddle my thumbs for the whole weekend? BUT THEY’LL GET SO TIRED!

Prime Suspect (NBC, Sunday) – NBC halted production of this show a while back, and now they’re running the last two episodes back-to-back against the NFC Championship game. [tugs collar] YEESH.

Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off (Food Network, Sunday) – My official stance on this show is as follows: I will not watch it until either The Rock, Ghostface Killah, or Rasheed Wallace are competitors. Once that happens, you could take a wrecking ball to my living room and I’d still stay parked in front of the TV. These are my terms.

A BRIEF REMINDER: If your favorite show is not included in these listings, that does not necessarily mean we forgot about it, or are disrespecting it, or that aliens came down to Earth and vaporized the entire cast and crew with some sort of space laser and it no longer exists. It’s just that there is a ton of stuff on TV, only 5-8 slots in these posts, and, sometimes, making a dumb joke about a stupid reality show outranks mentioning a USA drama or an obscure British program. It’s nothing personal. Please relax.

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