Weekend Preview: Uh, nudity?

01.28.11 22 Comments

Californication/Episodes/Shameless (Showtime, Sunday) – All these shows are supposedly pretty good. “Californation” and “Shameless” bring steady amounts of nudity. Example: Emmy Rossum (who I’ve already confessed my love to on this blog) in this NSFW scene. I will, er uh, conduct a, er, fact-finding mission to see if these two statements are related.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Starz, Friday) – More nudity! This one maybe with ding dongs!

Fringe (FOX, Friday) – Commenter Patty Boots goes on and on about this show. Here you go, Patty.

Nick Kroll: Thank You Very Cool (Comedy Central, Saturday) – I’ve copped to being a comedy nerd a lot, and this is one special I’m really looking forward to. You may recognize Kroll as Ruxin on “The League,” but he also brings serious chops in the form of character work as well. (A.V. Club interview with Kroll here)

SAG Awards (TBS, Sunday) – Smug, self-important actors giving awards to themselves is the most masturbatory exercise ever. And I’m including masturbation.

Tailgate Warriors (Food Network, Saturday) – I only point this out to mention that host Guy Fieri’s is patient zero of douche. As I tweeted earlier, he’s so surreally douchey he might as well have a wristband for a face.

The Lost Valentine (ABC, Sunday) – A made-for-TV movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White. From TV Guide: “a dogged TV reporter finds her own love life changed when she profiles a World War II widow who continues to honor the memory of her navy pilot husband 65 years after he was declared missing in action.” Look, I’ll defend Jennifer Love Hewitt til I die, but… guh. More hooker movies.

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