Seth Meyers Returned To ‘Weekend Update’ To Ask Really!?! About Kanye West Meeting Donald Trump

10.14.18 7 months ago

Seth Meyers’ return to Saturday Night Live brought about an inevitable return to ‘Weekend Update.’ The segment — now hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost’ — brought him back for one of the bits he made famous, he and Amy Poehler riffing on a topic in a segment called REALLY!?!

The return of Really!?! following the narrative thread of the entire episode: largely Kanye West’s White House meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday. This time, Che and Jost got to take part in the segment, riffing on various moments from the meeting and getting in some jokes about Trump’s awkwardness and West’s insistence on complimenting a guy who clearly doesn’t like him all that much.

The funniest part of the segment was probably Che cashing in one of the “n-words” he claimed to negotiate into his contract with Lorne Michaels to ask how much money Kanye owes the government in taxes, complete with a graphic on screen. Meyers laments not ever getting that added into his contract, too.

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