Well Of Course Stephen Colbert Celebrated His Emmy Win Over Jon Stewart And The ‘Daily Show’ Last Night

09.25.13 4 Comments

colbert emmys

As you may have heard, the Colbert Report took home an Emmy in the variety show category on Sunday night, snapping the Daily Show‘s 10-year victory streak. Naturally, last night’s show — the first one to air since the Emmys were held — started with a celebration, and a correction for the “verbal gaffe” Colbert made when he accepted his Emmy, thanking “everyone who works on the show to make it possible.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m the only one who does this show,” Colbert quipped. “I meant to thank myself but in the excitement I blanked on the word me!”

Colbert then took a moment to gloat to Jon Stewart over beating him but then Stewart reminded Colbert that he’s an executive producer of his show, she technically he won too, and they ended up hugging it out in the end. It was a lovely moment.

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