The ‘West Wing’ Cast Reunited Again For The White House’s ‘Big Block Of Cheese Day’ Video

I swear, the cast of The West Wing cannot stop getting together to make videos for things. They just love each other and it’s adorable. Just this week, a bunch of them got together for an upcoming Funny or Die project and now they just had a conference call to promote the White House’s second annual Big Block of Cheese Day.

For the uninitiated, or if you didn’t see this on The West Wing, Big Block of Cheese Day is when the White House would open its doors to take questions — any questions — from its citizenry as a way of celebrating the accessibility and openness of the American presidency. STOP LAUGHING. The first time it took place was February 22, 1837 at the request of President Andrew Jackson, who had his staff lug a 1,400-pound hunk of cheddar into the White House foyer to be shared with anyone who wanted to come in and ask some questions. This year, President Obama’s White House will be ditching the cheese, but opening its virtual doors on January 21, taking questions from online visitors on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram) using the hashtag #AskTheWH.

I’m sure this is going to go super well.

But no matter what happens, we have a great video, unless you are not a fan of cheese puns. But if you’re willing to forgive the cheese puns because the cast of The West Wing is making them while harassing White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, then you’ll be fine and find this spectacular.

Martin Sheen comes thisclose to making a “Limburger? I barely know her!” joke, for brie-al.