‘Westworld,’ ‘FBoy Island,’ And A Bunch Of Other Shows Jettisoned From HBO Max Have New Homes

Things are awfully weird with streamers these days. Even one of the best ones, HBO Max, is in pure chaos. Along with cancelling nearly finished movies and deep-sixing hundreds of Looney Tunes classics, they also jettisoned a bunch of their original shows, among them Westworld, FBoy Island, and The Nevers. Where would they go next? Could they find a new home? Well, now we have an answer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, more than 225 shows and movies from Warner Bros. Discovery are heading to Tubi, the ad-supported streamer. In February, their coffers will be filled with not only the aforementioned trio but also Raised by Wolves, Legendary, Finding Magic Mike, Head of the Class, and The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Roku cut a similar deal with WBD, licensing some 2,000 hours from their library, which includes Westworld and FBoy Island as well as The Bachelor, Cake Boss, and Say Yes to the Dress.

Not ever jettisoned title found a new home. Among those still lurking in the streaming ether are The Gordita Chronicles, Love Life, Minx, and Made for Love.

Among the controversial moves made by WBD’s newish honcho David Zazlav was to remove key titles from HBO Max — titles that may have caused subscribers to sign up in the first place — and make money off of licensing them elsewhere. The good news is that many of these will be available, and for free. The bad news is you’ll have to sit through a lot of ads if you want to binge the four seasons of the newly-ish cancelled Westworld.

(Via THR)