‘Westworld’ Is Already A Huge Hit For HBO

Despite having TV’s most Emmy Award-winning drama (Game of Thrones), two widely praised comedies (Silicon Valley and Veep), and the series with the most ballers per minute in history (Girls, obviously), HBO could really use a ratings hit. Thrones only has two seasons left, The Leftovers never turned into a smash, and the less said about Vinyl, the better. HBO wasn’t in trouble, exactly, not with Game of Thrones still around, but let’s just say a whole lot of eggs were put into the Westworld basket. So far, so good: the sci-fi thriller scored the best premiere audience for an HBO series since True Detective.

“Sunday’s premiere episode delivered a strong 3.3 million viewers across its first two airings and streaming,” according to Entertainment Weekly, which adds, “That’s HBO’s biggest series premiere audience since the first season of True Detective nearly three years ago (January 2014). And True Detective stands as HBO’s largest series opening since Boardwalk Empire back in 2010.”

Compared to Vinyl‘s 764,000 (oof), The Newsroom‘s 2.14 million, and Luck‘s 1.14 million, HBO has to be feeling pretty good about Westworld‘s 3.3 million right now. I mean, not as good as someone who gets to spend the day at a futuristic Western-themed theme park with androids, but still happy.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)