What Can We Learn About Season 3 Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ From This New Official Poster?

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04.27.15 2 Comments


Netflix has released this poster ahead of Orange Is the New Black‘s Season 3 premiere on June 12, featuring several of the core characters on Santeria candles, which played a large part in both Mendoza’s present and past stories in Season 2. If you’ll recall, she used spells to ostensibly get revenge on her abusive boyfriend prior to entering Litchfield, as well as on Vee in the finale. So, maybe this season has a theme of comeuppance?

The poster does not feature Gloria, however, instead focusing on who I assume will be major players in the upcoming season: Alex, Crazy Eyes, Red, Piper (yay), and Daya (boo). I can handle Piper, but Daya? Ugh, the worst. I was hoping she’d have her baby and then disappear for the rest of the season. So much for that! At least — and we cannot stress this enough — there will be NO LARRY.

BuzzFeed also took the liberty of zooming in to each character’s respective candles to pick up on the Easter Eggs, but it doesn’t seem to tell us much more than what we already know.



(Via HitFix)

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