What’s Going On? Why Would ‘SNL’ Cut This Brilliantly Spot-On VH1 Parody Sketch?

I’m beginning to wonder if Lorne Michaels is losing it. Last weekend’s James Franco-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live could be best described as mediocre, with three or four good sketches and an amazing appearance from Leslie Jones (the best thing about this season of SNL). But if the two sketches that were cut from the show had been included, it would’ve gone from a C+ episode to a B+ episode. We already saw the awkward, hilarious Ferguson sketch, which would’ve been the best of the show had it not been cut. And now, SNL releases the above spot-on parody of Vh1 countdowns.

It feels like a Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett sketch: VH1 — with pitch-perfect hyperbole — counts down the 100 Greatest Guys, from your classic nice guy to a guy’s guy to an owner of two nice winter coats. It’s really good.

Something’s definitely off at SNL right now. They’re having another down season, but maybe it’s because ALL THE BEST SKETCHES ARE GETTING CUT.

Source: SNL