11.17.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

V (ABC) — I said I was going to watch this last week, then I forgot again. I felt kinda bad about not giving this show a chance until Michael from 5 Second Films sent in the screen cap above. Who’s responsible for parking the handicapped guy on some steps without wheelchair access?

Dancing with the Stars (ABC) — Alicia Keys performs on the results show. Freakishly youthful retard Donny Osmond finished last in the judges voting last night, but the Mormons will probably vote as a bloc to keep him from being eliminated from the final four.

The Biggest Loser (NBC) –Tim Gunn shows up to help out with makeovers. We’re gonna need some more vertical stripes over here.

WWII in HD (History) — Night #3. How’s everyone liking this so far? I dig it, but it’s hard for me to make it through two hours of TV when I’m sick. I’ve taken six naps in the last two days, I can’t lie down on the couch without falling asleep within 15 minutes.

Sons of Anarchy (FX) — Dude. Last week’s episode. Show of hands: who cried?

Melrose Place (CW) — This is the episode where Heather Locklear returns as Amanda Woodward. Honestly, industry people have been talking about it for so damn long that I figured it had already happened, but apparently not. Promo below.

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